Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Duggars

It's very easy to pick on the Duggars, especially Josh Duggar. I think I have a different perspective because unlike most people, I've never seen 19 KIDS AND COUNTING. I didn't know anything about the family until Josh was in the news when the story broke that as teenager he had molested his younger sisters. That's horrible enough of course but then the newspaper stories were full of creepy details. Like the fact that the parents tried to cover things up as much as they could and that all the family friends that they went to for help- churchy people just like them- are all now in jail for their own crimes against children.

And of course, when the scandal finally broke, Josh Duggar was employed as some kind of lobbyist for a religious group that is against gay marriage and abortion (his previous job: used car salesman).

When will it ever stop? Whenever people rail against homosexuality they always end up in a sex scandal of their own. Josh Duggar was embarrassed again this summer when everyone found out about his online adultery club. He posted an apology in which he admitted that he had developed a porn addiction (Mark my words: Josh Duggar's next scandal will involve gay sex).

And I love how his parents put out their own statement where they basically threw Josh to the lions.

Anyway, reading about the Duggars I saw a few creepy touches but this one really sticks out in my mind: the sisters were talking about women who dress "immodestly" and they said that the entire family had a routine...if the family was out in public and any of the sisters saw a woman nearby, or a woman approaching, who was dressed immodestly, the sisters were supposed to say the family's code word, "Nike", and when they heard it, Josh and the father were supposed to look down at their shoes so that they wouldn't become aroused. The sisters seemed to think it was a fun game and I guess the readers of the story are supposed to see it as funny or cute, but doesn't it sound like the creepiest thing ever. What kind of parents would make it their young daughters' job to help their father and brother avoid sights that will get the males aroused. Who even wants to think for one moment about their father being aroused.

Then again, I guess now The Nike Game seems desperately necessary knowing how dangerous Josh's arousal could be.

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